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I don't get it. I sporadically suffer from the oddest injuries. The inside of my left elbow has this reoccuring pain (hurts most while doing standard pull-ups). Then, just yesterday, my right elbow had this sudden sharp pain. I went to grab the phone and my arm just gave out. Luckily, my right elbow pain seems to have dissipated now, but it's just frustrating to suffer from these things. Knock on wood, but I haven't had problems with my shoulders, knees, and back (though my back has been feeling a few kinks lately). Oh ya, and my hamstring used to be pretty bad... that is until I started Crossfit. Since then my hamstring has been pretty good.

Ok, enough ranting and raving. I just needed to let out a little steam. I guess the most frustrating aspect of injuries is the negative impact it has on my mentally. Sure, I can't train while I'm injured or rehabiliting an injury, but I think my mental approach to it makes it even worse.
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