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Re: Barbell shrugged flight

Originally Posted by Jason A Smith View Post
Richard, I will have to assume that the program you keep recommending is should be transparent about that. At any rate I had a look at it. It look pretty decent, the only thing is the jump from Level 2 to Level 3 is huge. I would be a more Level 3 type person except some of the days programmed are just too much volume.
Will do. I'll most likely make adjustments as I go along. I don't mean to keep pushin' it. I'm just excited about it and figured I'm the best person to answer questions so I chime in. As it stands now, there isn't a thing on the site I'm asking for, selling, etc, so I'm not pushing anything other than just another option for folks. It is exactly that type of feedback that I'm looking for regarding levels so I'll keep it in mind and maybe consider, since the Level 2 to 3 is such a gap - have a "are you coming from level 2" or "are you working towards level 3" variance within level 3 training.

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