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Re: Barbell shrugged flight

Here's the thing, as I see it.

I've done this stuff for a long time. Obviously I'm biased because is mine. I've created, over the years 10s of thousands of training sessions and hundreds of programs for all sorts of clients. I'm massively confident that I can help guide others through to success. That being said, I'm not going to say my way is the only way. I offer my stuff completely for free and I don't think its good. I know its good. There is a great deal of detail and reason behind it and I do a damn good job of tracking progression - at least in the sense of how and why I program.

There is no one size fits all program. Outlaw, Misfit, Catalyst, Comp Training, Invictus, CFFB, GSLP, hell even mainsite perhaps, could and has worked for people. There is no real better and best. There is just stuff that has a strong foundation to it and a decent track record. However, for every person that says "X program gave me amazing results", there may be someone else that says, it didn't meet all my needs/goals.

Point is, pick something and see it through. At least give it an honest effort. In grrillagym case, give it a full cycle. If it doesn't fit in line with where you want to go, then pick something else. The worse thing is to pick one and keep jumping around every 2 weeks. No program will work if you don't give it 100% effort and if you don't see it through until the end. The other aspect is to not mix and match. Don't "add" stuff to the current program. The neat part about grrillagym, if that is the route you pick, is their are 4 levels of training. At the higher levels (3 and 4), it is relatively all encompassing. You shouldn't have to add in some extra stuff. If you feel the need to add work to Level 4, hats off to you - because you are a ridiculous beast.

Just pick something.

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