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Re: Time to jump off that gluten free train...

Originally Posted by Glenn Pasewicz View Post
I don't have the inclination to read all the sciencey raw data stuff or to read through more than one or two posts in a thread.

Is the bottom line that the researchers did not observe non-celiac gluten sensitivity?

In other words, the only gluten sensitivity was exhibited by people Dx'd with celiac disease?
The participants were on a low FODMAP diet for 2 weeks then given either High Gluten, Low Gluten + Whey, or just Whey. The results were "In all participants, gastrointestinal symptoms consistently and significantly improved during reduced FODMAP intake, but significantly worsened to a similar degree when their diets included gluten or whey protein. Gluten-specific effects were observed in only 8% of participants." Pretty much they showed that people who claim to be non celiac gluten sensitive may not have issues specifically with gluten but still feel much better on a low FODMAP diet. The journalistic conclusions, as usual, were overdramatic and inaccurate, the study only proves that more information is needed.
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