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Re: Time to jump off that gluten free train...

I've been eating gluten-free most of last year and all of this year. LIke the last poster said, for ME, it's about calorie reduction and it's an easy "I don't eat gluten" statement to make to reinforce what can be a very problematic food for me. My ability to "portion control" when it comes to breads, sweets, cookies, brownies, etc is pretty much ZIP, so this has been a super way for me to reduce empty calories and emphasize better quality foods in my diet.

My niece has celiac disease, so yes, getting a little bloaty after a large pizza is far from it, LOL

I do think people are oversimplifying the whole matter. Gluten itself may not be a big issue for a lot of people who feel "sensitive" to wheat, but wheat and gluten aren't the same thing. Wheat contains a lot of stuff that doesn't well with everybody's gut, so while a lot of people who have classified themselves as "gluten sensitive" may not actually be gluten sensitive, they are probably still wheat sensitive on the carbohydrate and fermentables side of the equation.

Mark's Daily Apple has done some good articles on "FODMAPS" that explain this and I think this argument makes TONS of sense. To me, it explains why I may not feel wonderful eating a birthday cake but a couple beers are no problem, or why I can eat a slice of watermelon with no trouble but if I tuck into a good size portion then it's time to party. LOL
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