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Re: Time to jump off that gluten free train...

Originally Posted by Richard Deyan View Post
I'm not against the idea that gluten sensitivity may not exist, but there are plenty of people who simply don't digest wheat and gluten as well as others. They have learned from anecdotal experience to simply avoid most grains and bread because it doesn't jive with them well.

The associations and correlations are indeed just that. Just because there is a correlation with eating meat and a higher risk of cancer and morbidity, doesn't mean it's a causation. There definitely happens to be a higher correlation of meat eaters who also smoke and not really live a health-conscious lifestyle.
While it's true that meat eaters tend to smoke more and be less health conscious than vegetarians and vegans, there is good evidence that red and processed meat consumption increase cancer risk independent of other diet and lifestyle variables.

Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective. (wfs)
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