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Re: Buying Local

Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
Why would I buy a stalk of corn for $7 from my local farmer when I can go to Wegman's and buy a stalk for $3 grown in Cali, assuming the taste is the same?
Cause food doesn't naturally stay fresh for weeks after being picked. Buying local USUALLY means it was picked more recently and is fresher. I trust a tomato sold locally in season much more than I trust a tomato sold mid winter that has traveled from the other side of the country.
Also, if you're talking about farmers markets, most of them are people trying to make a living. I'd rather suck it up and spend a couple extra dollars and support someone trying to do something good than give it to a corporation making millions.

If someone doesn't want to buy local, then don't. But trying to argue against it seems kind of ridiculous to me.
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