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Damien Del Russo
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I came up with this evil way to turn a perfectly relaxed basketball shootaround into a gagfest. Pretty simple - go to a basketball court, and shoot the basketball. Every time you miss, do a burpee. One of my rules is to do the burpee before getting the rebound, so you may have to do some extra running if working alone.

This is a decent equalizer if playing a game of 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 and one side is much more skilled than the other - when the good side misses, they do a burpee. That'll give the scrubs a chance.

This method also gives some extra motivation on foul shots. I definitely suggest having a rebounder available for this, but I did 50 foul shots with the burpee penalty. It sucked. I only made 18 so that is 32 burpees...not that fun. Total workout was about 75 burpees (plus plenty of basketball!).

Enjoy the hot summer basketball courts...with burpees!

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