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Re: parallette pricing

Originally Posted by Bonny Guang View Post
I'm in Beijing right now, and I found parallettes (well officially they're called pushup bars, but clearly you can use them for other things too) for 59 RMB, which is between $9 and $10. Is this an okay price? (I Googled, but the Great Firewall isn't letting me see most of the links)

However, they aren't exactly parallel, they're slightly slanted. I probably should've taken a picture, but I forgot. But here's one I found from Decathlon:

Would they be suitable?
Hi Bonny. This is my humble opinion. These would be better than nothing considering you are in Beijing and not sure your accessibility to some PVC pipes to make your own. Due to the small size of this product, your choices of exercises will be limited. I think you would be able to some L shape situps and overhead pushups (with limited range). Good luck.
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