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Pulled Muscle in Lower Back

I pulled a muscle in my back on Friday the 14th doing deadlifts. It was really sore, and I couldn't really do anything other than lie in bed for the next couple days. It has gotten progressively better over the last week or so, and now I can do normal activities (walk around, sit at desk etc) without pain, and I even went swimming today without pain, but I have a limited ROM, and do not feel like I could do anything intense.

I am wondering both what I should be doing to heal as fast as possible, and how long I should wait before starting any kind of stretching or light lifting. Should I just use pain as an indicator of when to stop? Is it better to try to lift light weights going through full ROM or continue resting it until it is healed?

I want to get back to training ASAP, but I really do not want to re aggravate it, being stuck lying down was not fun.

Thanks a lot.
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