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Ross Greenberg
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My 14 year old, 120 lb., sister who's still in middle school squat cleaned and split jerked two 25 lb. dumbells for reps today in between sets of 10 pushups!

I know this may not be extraordinarily impressive at first, but consider that this is on her first day learning how to clean and jerk. The squat clean took her about fifteen minutes to learn and the jerk came almost instantaneously. Prior to this she's only done high rep dumbell swings with a 30 lb. dumbell and tabata squats, tabata thrusters, and overhead squats with 10 lb. dumbells. She's been playing with high school girls on a club lacrosse travelling team and has been dominating. Other girls want to know what her secret is and why she always finishes first on the sprints. The best part is she is self motivated, my hardest job as her trainer is telling her to stop when she's done enough.
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