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I posted earlier, I thought lol, but its not there so I'll try again...

Go to for a full fight record...they've kinda missed off just a wee bit on Sherdog!!!!!!

Tom, thanks for the interest. I train all the time, to the same durations and number of sessions, although the intensity reduces when not preparing for a fight, but I still have 1, 2 or 3 balls out sessions as part of my week's training every week, just in case I get a late call up...and that's happened to me alot! Its easy that way to maintain fitness.

But when I have a fight booked in, generally its a five week programme focusing on that event...

Week 5 - sparring, high work rate, high conditioning, working with my coaches to analyse opponent and work out what elements to focus on improving on.

Week 4 - as week 5, but stronger...

Week 3 - first of two balls out weeks where I wonder if I can make it out of bed in the morning...very, very high capacity...

Week 2 - like week 3 but even higher workrate...dying by now...

Final week - just short sharpening works, recovery sessions, rest, eating (!), carbing up ready for the event...only about 6x20mins workouts this week...

Week -1 - back in training for active recovery.

Hope this is of interst!
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