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Lol, yeah I work out hard....I'm into day four of my week's fight training and can't walk this morning lol....

I train MMA, kickboxing, boxing and Thai boxing across various sessions.

Current week is going like this:

Mon- 1hr grappling, 1.5hrs technical kickboxing, 1hrs kickboxing sparring

Tuesday - 1hr technical kickboxing and conditioning work, 20mins intense conditioning

Wednesday - 1hr grappling, 1.5hrs Thai boxing including sparring

Thursday - 1hr sparring, 1hr boxing padwork, 30mins conditioning weights

Friday - 1hr grappling, 1hr sparring, 30mins intense conditioning.

Tabata is taking an intense workout, ie. squats, or burpees, sprints, hill sprints - anything that will totally stress your body. You do 20seconds of balls out work, then rest 10 seconds, then repeat 8 times to equal 4mins of work. Tabata is a Japanese speed skating coach who decided to study what the most beneficial interval training was...stick 'what is tabata' into google and you'll find loads...

Tabatas done correctly are hell...but the satisfaction feeling afterwards is incredible...

'Crocodiles' are a pain for big fellas like me! Push up position, down and hold in a static position, then go forward walking on your hands and feet, but moving right hand and right leg first, then left hands and left leg, moving the hands and feet at the same hits a little different.

Hope this helps!
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