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Re: RIP Navy SEAL Hero Chris Kyle

Originally Posted by Chris Diamont View Post
I agree, I don't want to say PTSD was the cause. Chris Kyle was a great American that gave his all for his country then gave his life trying to help the veterans of this country.

Just wanted to say that Chief Petty Officer Christopher Kyle and Chad Littlefield did not "give" their life, it was taken from them by a murderous, dirt bag coward that deserves nothing but the death penalty!

As to PTSD, I agree brother, it was NOT the cause.

This guy being a $$it stain was the cause. -And yes, I know this is an old thread, I don't have time to visit here very often. Guess I just needed to vent, especially with two NYPD officers just recently murdered. Pi$$es me off when officers, and in this case veterans, are murdered and people say "they gave their life serving others."

If I die on the street, know right now that I did not "GIVE" my life to anyone, it was "TAKEN" from me. I just hope and pray that if I ever do die on some cold street, its in a pile of spent hot brass mixed with the warm blood of the dirt bag that murdered me! -No sense spending tax dollars we don't have on a dirt bag we don't need.

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