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Re: squat rack

Originally Posted by Derek Robinson View Post
I sell Legend Fitness equipment and I agree with the previous post about used racks. You may be able to find a new rack out there somewhere for $400 range, but it will be crap. The rack will offer safety versus a set of stands, but for the price it is hard to beat a set of stands unless you are going for HEAVY lifts. If you like anything from (wfs) let me know and I can get you a quote.
I've owned the legend individual squat stands before, and they were very well made. I ended up selling them and buying a legend power rack, though, but I thought they were quite nice for freestanding squat stands.

My opinion is you will be happier in the long run to save your money and do what you can with a barbell and plates until you save up for the rack. All the while scour craigslist daily and you very well may find a nice used cage in your price range.
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