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Re: squat rack

Originally Posted by Dennis Boline View Post
Seems like it.

It seems like the S1 or S2 will do from Rouge. I'll make my own jerk boxes, since I found a how-to guide online. It seems pretty straight up.

Has anyone else built them? Any suggestions, tips, or problems?

I have not built them yet but know some people who have and i would say that there are a couple things to keep in mind. First i dont know which directions you found but if you want the jerk boxes to double as jump boxes i would make them in 6" increments. so if you wanted a total of 4' per side, you would need 3x12" boxes, 1x6" box and 1x6" top box. Double that to know how many total boxes you would need. Also instead of putting handles on the outside, i would recommend cutting handles into the boxes and also cutting out some other areas to lighten them a bit since i hear they can be quite heavy. You dont have to follow the guide exactly, most of them seem a bit overkill.
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