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Re: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Tamara's log


Best day of weightlifting in the history of weightlifting.

My friends Mie and Andrew from Charlotte came to lift at my gym. Anyway, yesterday I said to Pete, "I feel like I haven't made any progress on my snatch in 11 months." I mean, I see what I am SUPPOSED to do, and I see what I ACTUALLY do, and it just never clicks. NEVER. So, Mie and Andrew were helping me with some new drills and cues, and holy **** if it did not FINALLY MAKE SENSE. I can't even explain it. It was amazing. My snatch looked totally different. I WAS SO EXCITED. I WAS YELLING AND IT WAS AWESOME. I am still slow, but I am so much faster, and it just MAKES SENSE.

1 x 80 kg
2 x 80 kg
1 x 80 kg
2 x 80 kg


3 x 1 x 30 kg - working on the new cues
1 x 35 kg
1 x 40 kg
1 x 45 kg
1 x 47 kg
1 x 49 kg

I mean, HOLY CRAP, I DIDN'T FREAK OUT. They all felt super easy.

Clean grip halting deadlifts from a 1.5" deficit:
2 x 70 kg
2 x 70 kg
2 x 70 kg
2 x 70 kg


Front squat:
2 x 60 kg
1 x 65 kg
1 x 70 kg
1 x 75 kg - Fail. I mean, I am not even going to get mad about this. The snatching makes up for it. Next time. I didn't hit the bounce at all, which was odd, but WHATEVER.

Videos from today. I am still working on my setup, since I switched to Rip's setup. I know I need to squeeze my chest up more. But, for anyone who has ever seen me snatch before, YOU WILL NOTICE THAT THIS IS A BIG DEAL. That is all. I like the first snatch better. Honestly, I think I got caught by surprise on the catch in the second video because the pull felt so easy. (WFS) (WFS)
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