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Re: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Tamara's log


Active rest day.

Some snatches at 15 and 20 kg and some cleans and jerks at 20 and 25 kg. Not many. Just enough to get warmed up. I have a feeling that my shoulders will need to warm up for a looooong time tomorrow.


Training with Pete in Winston. I had four hours of sleep last night. It was not okay.

Front squat:
2 x 50 kg
1 x 55 kg
1 x 60 kg
1 x 65 kg

So easy. Pete said, "Those looked really good." I said, "I know. It's like I'M NOT EVEN THE SAME LIFTER, RIGHT?"

Power snatch:
1 x 25 kg - Pete was NOT going to like my setup from rep one.
1 x 30 kg
1 x 35 kg
1 x 40 kg
1 x 45 kg - Really very much on my toes.
1 x 48 kg - So much better.
1 x 50 kg - NOT pretty. Fairly sure it would have been a no lift at a meet.

Pete was fine with everything except me being forward, but I am not going to blame that on Rip's setup because I have been forward and on my toes for the last 11 months.

Clean High Pull:
1 x 50 kg
1 x 80 kg - DYING. Pete said, "Get your hips through hard"
1 x 85 kg - MUCH better
1 x 90 kg - Heavy but still better

3 x 50 kg
2 x 70 kg
2 x 80 kg - Pete said, "Your body was made to low bar squat." I know. THANK YOU.
1 x 90 kg - OMG, SLOW. I was supposed to jump to 100 kg. DYING. Instead...
1 x 95 kg - So slow. Pete said, "I think you can get 100, but you'd better hit the bounce HARD."
1 x 100 kg - Fail. Oh. Dear. My first failed rep in a while. I'll live.

So, yeah. Pete agreed that I seem really chill and happy with my programming, so I'm good.
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