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Re: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Tamara's log

Originally Posted by Nik Nichols View Post
What is you snack max and C&J?
Well, I am going to find out soon enough what my NEW maxes are .

But, I was at a 53 kg snatch and 69 kg C&J (the jerk being my limiting factor). My snatch is pathetic compared to my clean. I am ridiculously slow. And, I can reliably power clean 70 (and now probably more than that), but I can't reliably get out of the hole on a full clean of over 65.

My best meet total is 118 - 52 snatch and 66 C&J. I went for 70 at Masters Pan Ams and got red lighted on the jerk. I'd like to open with 50 and 70 at my next meet. I think that is a good goal.
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