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Re: Will CrossFit & Endurance Sports Work Together?

Check out Cordain's "Paleo Diet for Athletes" book--it's been adopted by a lot of CFers, but it's really geared more towards endurance athletes. Yes, you'll need more carbs than a standard CFer, and starchy stuff like sweet potatoes are one of the better options.

Don't worry too much about the "endurance athletes are lacking" comment. Yes, they're lacking in terms of how CF defines fitness (ICWABTAMD, 10 general skills, etc.) but that's only because they're specializing in the type of fitness they need to be successful in their sport. Since CF advocates a generalized, all-around fitness as the best goal for everyday people, it looks down on specialists--but that's not to say that Lance Armstrong or Kendrick Farris aren't good athletes just because they don't fit CF's standard of what fitness is. They're good athletes for their own goals and sports.
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