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Re: Will CrossFit & Endurance Sports Work Together?

Hi Miguel Angel,
There's a branch of CrossFit called CrossFit Endurance (WFS) which tells you what you have to do depending on your specialty and distance to train for strength as well as endurance. It's a bit complicated at first but after checking it out for a while you'll get the gist of what it entails.

Regarding MMA, CrossFit and martial arts have been merged successfully for quite a while now. You can only benefit from better conditioning and strength when doing martial arts, so rest your mind on this.

Mass. Why? Do you need it? CrossFit will get you into great shape, you will certainly add some mass, but this is not bodybuilding. Do crossFit, add some strength training, and you're set.

Starches. As little as possible. Eat lean meats, veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds. Eggs too. Keep it simple. Potatoes, rice, pastas are not part of our diet, but if you need them, keep them to once a week.

And that's about it.

CrossFit, so out of this world Luke Skywalker did it on Dagobah with coach Yoda
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