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Jonathan Dilgen
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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression


400 m run
forearm to instep w/ rotation across the floor
hip ext. x 15
pull-ups x 10
ring dips x 10 (w/ lightest band)

20 minute AMRAP
25 box jumps 20"
50 abmat sit-ups
75 double-unders (count attempts)

2 rounds plus 4 box jumps

The double-unders killed me, I can't really do them yet and was so excited when I got my first one, and again when I strung two together that I completely lost count in round one. At least I got some good practice in and didn't just sit on my *** all day.

Stretching: pole psoas
wall quad
seated hip (to shin and then to knee)
1 minute per side

Foam roll
My log
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