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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression

Playing catch-up...posting only WOD's from the foundations course at BWI. Anymore would be too time consuming.

11/1/'10 Day 1

400 m run
ring rows
400 m run


Also written in the notes from this day: "goal -2 minutes." We're going to be repeating this workout in the 8th and final foundations class and I was hoping to shave 2 minutes off that time. Yikes!

11/3/'10 Day 2

deadlift 95#
push-press 25# dumbbells


11/8/'10 Day 3

AMRAP in 10 minutes
250 m row
10 wall-ball (20#)

6 rounds and 4 seconds to spare

11/10/'10 Day 4

3 rounds for time:
50 ft walking lunges
10 pull-ups
5 knees to elbows

4:52 Major ripped callouses

11/15/'10 Day 5

Hang Squat cleans 25 # dumbbells
abmat situps

6:09 "Soft bottom" while doing squat lower back has been sore since.

11/17/'10 Day 6 in the previous post.

Going to my first regular class tonight:

Power cleans and knees to elbows on the "posterior chain" is kinda sore from the lunge/snatch combination on Wednesday so we'll see how this goes...
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