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paleo and bbq

i have been crossfitting since january. love it. have cleaned up my eating tons from 8 months ago but due to my life style and involvement with the community i live in i am bbqing brisket, pork butt or ribs at least 2 or 4 times a month from april to october. along with all the other traditional bbq stuff potatoe salad, baked beans, corn bread all made from scratch. i tend to stay away from these things more often than not. but hey ya gotta try what you make.

i understand the concept of cutting out sugars and processed stuff and have no problem with that day to day but does anyone have a suggestion for how to make paleo brines, bbq sauces or slathers as they are quite important to bbq. i have always made my own from scratch but they have either sugar, honey, maple syrup, katchup or yellow mustard and the like.

should i even worry about paleo brines, bbq sauces or slathers and just call these things my cheat things?

i live on the west coast of canada and real bbq is kinda a novilty here and unfortunatly (?) i have gotten quite good at so i seem to cook a lot of it for my community.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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