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Re: Trainer contracts

Originally Posted by Marcus Thompson View Post
I would document a detailed job description with the phrase with additional resposibilities deemed necessary to ensure smooth operation of the facility at the end and have them sign it. The last part is a "catch all" meaning "if I want you to do it, it's now in your job description". As you probably already know, NC is a right-to-work state. This means that you can fire them for any reason without prior notice.

I'm not sure how a non-compete agreement will help you. Most CF training is common knowlege and I'm not sure exactly how much intellectual property you'll have to protect. Also, a fitness trainer is certified in the profession. You can't bar someone from working in their field of expertise. The best you could hope for is to prevent them from working or doing business within a certain mile radious of your box.
Thanks for the info. The non-compete is very hard to enforce, but more or less a CYA for a trainer moving across the street. Chances of needing it are slim, chances of being able to enforce even slimmer. But at least having it in there with a specific mile radius at least will give a spurned trainer something to think twice about.
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