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Re: Bert's Crossfit Journal

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
Thats great news Bert, the paleo diet might help a lot with all your injuries also. Ive had two really bad days of training since jumping off the paleo wagon after my comp. Back on it now since Tuesday. I will be very interested to see if dropping dairy has any extra benefits for you as I am currently paleo plus dairy and some legumes. Good luck with it.

ps: your challenge was horrible, totally killed me. Great exercise those burpee snatches, will use them again.
I have the feeling it's already helping. Some of the chronic inflammation issues I've been dealing with have already eased and my face is looking a TON more lively(I had the feeling I'd aged 10 years in the past 3 years).

Keeping the legumes, but not every day. I will eat a big grain meal 2-3 times a week post-workout because I do flatten out quite a bit on no carbs and my training/work weekly workload.

Glad you liked the challenge man. I love those burpee snatches too, great exercise that lends itself to high reps nicely without degrading in form too much.
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