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Robert tappan
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The info above is good: melatonin and ear plugs. Try some cal/mag before bed too. Sleepytime tea might not be strong enough--might be best to go for straight pill/cap form of valerian, or another relaxing herb.

I wouldn't go to Dr. Weil for conditioning info, but I think your problem is where he's good. Here's a section on Insomnia: Type=Condition-pt=Condition-articleId=24

Also Dr. Weil has a nice breathing exercise called the "relaxing breath" or something that works nicely for stress and sleep. I can't find it at the moment as his site seems to have crashed, but just do a search for it there.

Tai Chi/Chi Gong/Pranayama training and practice might help too.

And get out of that frat house!

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