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Work OH squats with a stick, best overall for loosening up those tight hams, gluts, shoulders, calf, and strengthening the lower back and posterior chain.

You squat should be as deep as possible while all the weight is on your heels. Until you get that form down you should not go heavy.

If you feel like you can't get low with weights, do box squats to strengthen your hams and glutes as they are most likely the weak link. (as most people are more quad dominant)

Stretch the hip flexors, hams, lower back, shoulders, chest, calf. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet - no sugar, less grains, add fish oil.

But do the OHS with a stick it gets easier face a wall about 1 foot in front of you and now try...and then move closer and closer until you can basically pull yourself straight down with the stick directly overhead...not easy.
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