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Re: UFC Fight Night 4-1-09

I don't think Junie should have even been in the ring with Cole Miller. Cole is an experienced young fighter with some really good jiu jitsu skills and ok standup. I don't agree with how the UFC set that fight up. I hope they don't bring Junie along in the Leben way and just feed him to better fighters because he has a great personality to sell fights. Don't get me wrong, I liked seeing Junie get choked out that quickly, but I think the kid has real talent and could be good.

I thought Bader looked great. His wrestling right now is probably towards the top in the 205 class.

As for Condit, it just goes to show you about the jump in talent from the WEC to the UFC. Kampmann was a solid 185er, nothing special, and he looks really good at 170. He went right at Condit and I thought it was a valid decision even though last night my biased opinion was that Condit should have won.
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