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first day attempting zone

i decided last night/this morning that i'd try this zone for a while. i read up on it last night but didn't really know what i was getting involved in. i tried to do the best i could at work today, then at lunch i bought 'mastering the zone' and 'zone food blocks' for $5 a piece at the used book store. anyway, here's what i've eaten up to this point:
(work/family safe)

i think i'm done for the day, but if i need to eat more i can do it

about me:

crossfit 4 days a week, swim one day a week for 20 minutes (my wednesdays are short on time so I swim). I've been doing crossfit since jan '07. up until now i've been eating like an obese moron. i weigh about 195, i'm 5'10", 27 yoa, male... I think i need to eat 17 blocks a day for a while and see how that goes. i used to weigh about 240, then i went on south beach diet and did lots of HIIT to drop down to 185, since finding crossfit i've gained a little weight but i'm in much better physical condition. the problem is i'm getting a spare tire. i go all-out on the crossfit, but i also go all-out on food. i let myself forget that diet is just as important. anybody got any tips? did i do okay for my first day? did i eat enough or too much?
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