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Complete newbie

Hey guys, i found this site by googl searching best workouts, or something similar. Right now when i workout i go to the gym 5 days a week (M-F) and when i work out i usually do one or two body parts when doing strength training (like say i'll do back and shoulders one day, then bi's and tri's the next, and so on) Then after the strength comes the 45 min run on the eliptical machine which i aim on burning 500-550 calories. Then i finish up w 100 crunches (a set of 50, then 30, then 20) and then a 3 sets of 20 of leg ups (where i lie down w/ my knees bent as if i were sitting in a chair and then bring them to my chin using my lower abs) and some oblique stuff usually if i'm feeling up to it.

But now I want to do something better. I guess i feel that these workout sessions arn't as intense as i'd like it to be. So I really am asking where to start i guess. I know I have to eat right, and i've already put up a thread about that in the nutrition area, but I wanna start this CrossFit stuff. Do i have to go to a specific CrossFit certified gym or something?
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