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Re: Official Thread - Post Here!

dangit - fix one thing, break two others.

i've rolled back the page a bit and will work on refining the detail page.

I've known for a while now that i've got to have a 'rank' button next to the log entries - couple of other higher priorities - so i'm going to make the standings pages work again - then get back to this idea in a bit...


Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
The drilling makes everything non-rx'd? I did Grace as rx'd but when I drill (I deleted my old one and put the weight rx'd for the WOD in there) but it still shows as non-rx'd.

I also see I show up twice under Grace. I thought it was going to pull the best times? I think the idea of the PR box where you check it or a "rank" like the Concept2 would be nice. This is also occurring for other WODs such as Fran for other people.
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