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Hey everybody,

I just discovered the crossfit site a few weeks ago and have convinced a buddy of mine to start doing the workouts with me. I do have a few questions though about how to incorporate the WODs into what we already do, due to the fact that we are both wrestlers at our high school.

Since it's now the off season we're required to go to daily sessions which usually go like this:

Monday/Friday: Some type of running (buddy carries, long distance run, fartlek type runs)
Followed by what has been called "conditioning" (do a push-up, move to the side, push-up etc.; bear crawls, firemen's carry, wheelbarrows_
Followed by sprints (100's, 50's, 20's, 10's in various numbers depending on the coaches mood).
We then go into weight training.

On Tues/Thurs: Weight Training followed by wrestling practice

Ok, so after all the rambling on about what we do now I can get to my questions.

1) Would it be advisable for my buddy and I to do the crossfit WODs on top of all that we are doing (we could possibly drop out the weight training)

2) Being that we are upper-echelon level wrestlers in what some consider the best shape of our lives, would it be safe for us to jump into the WODs full speed or should we go with the scaled versions? (we both have fairly extensive knowledge of O-lifts and the forms being used)

3) Does anyone create their own workouts or is it only possible to do the WODs, because we would like to do workouts that could focus on areas that we would need during the season.

That's all the questions for now, thanks for reading through all that and helping out a coupla newbies.
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