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Re: Has anyone built a size that looks like you lift via crossfit?

Originally Posted by Kevin Johnson View Post
I'm not coming on here to bash crossfit, in fact I actually really like the idea of it. It is right up my alley as I feel I am always conflicting with myself as to what I want (I used to run xc/track in HS and in college began trying to do the whole bodybuilding then, then went on to do powerlifting). With that said I really like what xfit has to offer, but I am also trying to get bigger or at least look like I lift (at 5'9" I feel anything over 185 and under 12% bodyfat would look like I lift). However, I am just curious how many people on here have done crossfit solely and can say they look like they lift when wearing clothes? I ask because right now I am doing a PPL split with 5x10 volume for 5-8 exercises and feel I am on the road to getting decent size results. However, I am scared that if I were to do xfit type workouts that it would get in the way of my goal to gain size. Ultimately I'd like to do xfit stuff but not at the cost of looking small. If any of you have stories of yourself or progression pics of how your body has changed to being bigger muscularly i'd love to see them (please don't refer to froning or bailey as they are pros and respectively a bb'er could show ronnie coleman but that wouldn't be fair, i just want to see average xfitters showing results looking like they lift).
I understand you're not on here to "bash" CrossFit, but you've been a member of this forum since 2010, and you're just now asking this question?
you're doing a BB routine.
you want to look big - go for it - keep doing what you're doing. and mix in a couple extra thousand calories per day.
if you want to work on some GPP/conditioning, mix in some metcons, then you'l bring down that BF content.
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