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Re: The definition of being "big"

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
There's something to be said that "the Master of All is a Master of None," which is fine for a Crossfitter. Nobody wins bodybuilding competitions by Crossfitting, nobody wins Powerlifting titles, nobody wins triathlons by crossfitting. But athletes that need a well balanced wheel, like a football player, basketballer, fighter, high jumper, etc etc; these athletes can benefit from crossfitting.
I think you're simply approaching CF the wrong way. If you're a competitive level athlete, you should only be doing strictly CF WODs if your goal is to compete in CF. Saying a power lifter wouldn't win a title by CFing is certainly true but that's the exact opposite of CFs goal. CF is designed not to specialize in any one area so why would a specialist train exclusively CF?

CF doesn't position themselves as the best way to train, regardless of your goals.
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