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I used to use a sort of squat stand arrangement, and used some cheap metal folding saw horses from Home Depot for safety catches, $15.00 each, they were perfect for me to go a.t.g. on squats and even spotted me for bench. The only problem was I had to set them at the exact width to catch the bar outside the weights, vice inside. As I progressed to heavier loads, the amount of excess bar on the end got smaller, requiring more exact placement of the horses.

On another note, with the higher progression loads, say a PR on a 20-rep set, the lower back will tend to tire out and when you fail even slightly forward with a big load, dropping backward is not an option. The safety pins in the squat rack are like a good workout partner; you know they will definitely catch you if you fail. Consequently, I feel I can push my limits with more confidence in the squat rack. I got a really inexpensive squat rack delivered to my house from Wal-Mart online.
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