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Re: All Encompassingly - My workout log

Sunday 121111 WOD Hero "Clovis" RIP

Veterans/Black Flag/Remembrance Day

For Time:
Run 10 Miles / 7 Miles (BrandX Porch)
150 Burpee pull-ups

Holy crap!

I wasn't sure I was going to even have the time to commit to this WOD due to previous engagement and rain. Well the previous engagement didn't happen because of the rain and the rain didn't last very long! Then it was a question of my goal, I knew BrandX Porch was 7 miles and Pack was 4 miles. I wanted to do more than 4 miles but wasn't sure I could do the 7 and then the burpees! I was just trying to reach 100 but I wanted the 150 for the Porch WOD status. I was not concerned with time for this but I did time myself. Definitely thinking about our troops and fallen heroes to get through this WOD. Sometimes just telling yourself that is all that is needed to push through. Here's how it went for me:

1.5mi (15:50) then 35 burpee pullups (24:15)
1.5mi (44:25) then 35 burpee pullups (53:45)
1.5mi w/dog (1:19:00) then 30 burpee pullups (1:28:25)
1.5mi w/dog (1:49:05) then 25 burpee pullups (1:56:30)
1mi (2:10:40) then 25 burpee pullups (2:17:10)
Total WOD time (2:17:10)

Like I said, I was just trying to do it. I broke up the burpee pullups into 5s to pace myself, I was seriously trying to avoid RHABDO on this WOD, I mean I am kind of heavy and doing 150 burpee pullups on top of 7mi could have been a recipe for disaster for me. The individual running and burpee times look pretty slow but I knew this was going to take me over 2 hours. I'm not pleased with my times but I am not unpleased and I feel very good about accomplishing that much work.
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