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Re: All Encompassingly - My workout log

Thursday 121108 - Rest Day
Took 1.5mi walk with dog

Friday 121109 - Fallen Soldier WOD "Ralph"

Did the Burgener Warmup
Repeated Day 5 of pullup program from here:
Felt very strong and powerful so will move up to 5 pullups next time

WOD/Mods - 4 RFT:
- 250# Deadlifts, 8 reps / 185#
- 16 Burpees / 10
- 15' Rope climb, 3 ascents / 9 Towel Pullups, uneven grip, leg assisted
- Run 600m / Jump Rope (2:30)
Total time (24:45)

This week I have felt much stonger and powerful than before. Maybe I have better fuel in me or maybe it's a phase of Crossfit fitness but my reps have been much more explosive and I'm able to move through the WODs faster...or at least it feels that way.

Here are some smilies my son wanted to see:
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