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All Encompassingly - My workout log

Started 120920 (coincindentally after the 2012 Crossfit Games, so mad I missed seeing them) and haven't missed a WOD since.

I have a home gym so I scale and modify the WODs accordingly with the help of the main site and Brand X. I feel like every WOD has accomplished it's goal for me.

I have a sports background of soccer, baseball, football and wrestling but no sports after high school though hardly a year ever goes by without me doing some sort of exercising whether it be running, weight lifting or both.

I'm a male, born in '81, 5'8", 209lbs.

- pullup and dip tower
- standard 1" barbells, dumbells and plates = about 300lbs.
- homemade squat rack (the 2x4s, concrete and bucket method)
- homemade medicine ball about 10lbs.
- mat
next project is to make a box for jumps and maybe acquire a bench though not many WODs require a bench
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