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Re: Best way to increase pull-ups/ push-ups

I have to agree a little bit with Larry here - at least that's been the case for me with some of these 100 rep bodyweight goals. They just get a bit boring.
Like Jose said, most of us who go through the military can usually knock out 20 push-ups at anytime in lightening pace - but I have no idea how that translates to 100 reps though. It's a good idea to have that internal drill instructor - it's kind of like "grease the groove". 100 reps could be a mental thing too. I'd imagine it like running, I can and could run 10 miles with no real physical problem ... but I tend to tap out mentally at about 5 and so don't enjoy it enough to do that longer run. So I keep it to the "get in get out" range of 3-6 miles only. Zero desire to do a half marathon etc too - they can keep the t-shirt. I digress.

I'm in a clean eating challenge and one of our goals was to increase strict pull-ups. So I've done some searching etc on this. I came across this which seemed pretty interesting. (wfs)
I don't buy into the hype, but I liked the varying schemes -- because other things like "100 push-ups" or "50 pull-ups" just look like a dull slog to complete -- I started in month 2 just because of the timeline in the challenge and where I'm at, but if I had 3 months, I'd certainly start at the beginning and fight Larry's predictions just to prove him wrong
I also took a leaf out of Carl Paoli's "gymnastics wod" and are emphasizing good form pull-ups and not going to failure over and over. Any rep I do I lower my self down under control and make sure my arms, lats, shoulders and body are all good before coming off the bar - rather than up and drop half way down for one (or last). I think this is going to be key when I test my next max rep set in a few weeks.

In addition to that (I do my pull-ups fresh too), and dropping body weight (down 7# so far), I'm also doing some burn out type sets of strict press and bench press. There's a couple of reasons why here, because there's other goals of the challenge, but my thought here is that doing this I'll increase upper body endurance and strength which should help pull-ups and the other stuff too. I do 5x10@50% of both, press then bench, then increase by 2.5# every day I do this (just 2-3 times a week after wod). I also superset the bench with ring rows to get a pull in there and a different pull than "pull-ups".
This is all a short term goal so I will be able to keep this up ..... and there's some money on the line too which will help with motivation.

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