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Re: Best way to increase pull-ups/ push-ups

Hi Dag
Since you have plenty of time a volume and intensity protocol would work well. Dont keep maxing out all the time as you're going to preexhaust everything so you wont get much done.
Take push ups, set a round timer or gym boss to a 30 second loop. Do 15 push ups, you may need a longer time say 45 seconds. Then repeat that for 10 rounds. The following week, add 1 push up, now 16 for each round. Etc etc.
Do the same with pull ups but you may have to tweak your times.
As opposed to now maxing out at 25 push ups, and maybe able to repeat it once more, you would have done 150 push ups over a 5-7 minute period, with small amounts of recovery.
It's a good system that works well and won't take up too much time. Just make sure your WOD that day doesn't include push ups or pull ups!
Good luck and hope this has helped.
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