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Re: AEB Workout Log

Press day. I need so much press work. Somehow my max just never seems to increase much. I worked up to a peak of 5# below my max, and it was hard but not awful. Today was for speed, so, we'll see at the end of the cycle.

Metcon was surprisingly awful. 3 rounds at 75% of day's peak press for max reps: 1 minute press, 1 minute OHS, 1 minute rest.

I did 75% of my max (58#) and did alright on the press portion, but great on the squats since that's not even Rx for most OHS WODs

Round 1 10 press/18 OHS
Round 2 8 press/20 OHS
Round 3 7 press/ 18 OHS

Press Jumps (78# PR):

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