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Re: PT says no more Squats

Okay, I have had x-rays that a dr. and pt have looked at, but the dr. was a urgent care dr, which I have been told are not always the best doctors. He saw nothing wrong nor did my PT. My PT did point out one joint just above the sacrum I think its called and showed me how the distance between the vert. were different but said he didnt think that was a huge problem.
I have quit doing weighted squats the past two weeks and that seems to have helped with the pain, but I can still feel it when I let my back hunch over at the shoulders and lean forward. The pain started 1.5 years ago and I dont know what exactly triggered it, most likely bad form in a DL or SQ (this was before I started CF). I havent seen anyone other than two different PT's from the same practice. It always feels good when I leave the PT but usually creeps back throughout the day. I almost always feel it, in my back and some in my right buttocks, when I sit down no matter what my posture is. I've trained some recently with CCT Joey and he hasnt seen anything awful in my squat but my form has changed dramatically since I started CF. Im not sure about the butt winking but I do hamstring stretches before every WOD.
Okay, I think that answers about everything...thanks for the advice guys and keep it coming.
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