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Re: Tendonitis?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
It doesn't have to be a pic of yourself.... just google one and mark it.

It sounds like some sort of bone bruise or maybe subluxation (if the kneecap moved a lot when your leg was hit) where the patella might have bumped into your femoral articular cartilage or fatty tissue aggravating the area.
Ok, I uploaded a picture. Sorry, I don't know how to mark the pic... The pain is sharp and directly below the word patella. What I cannot target is if it's located in that white tendon connecting the patella to the tibia, or deeper within the joint than something happened in between the tibia and femur...regardless all the pain is towards the front right towards that patella tendon.

It's hard to think bruising, because I know what bad bruises are, and this definitely feels different than the pain from bruising. But then again, this is the first time I've really had any problems with my knee...

Subluxation? is that really bad? I know when I dislocated and subluxated my shoulder I knew it immediately. I also know that I needed surgery on those injuries. Except for the sharp pain just standing there, I certainly could not pin point any moment of traumatic pain during the sparring. Maybe it's something with that aggravationn you were talking about...

There is a few certain things I know. It has gotten better over the weeks, and I certainly don't feel "out of commission." But it does feel painful enough, where I know I couldn't perform at my best. Specifically, running 5 miles right now wouldn't cause me pain; Running an obstacle course right now in under 2 minutes=pain.
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