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Re: Tendonitis?

Originally Posted by Bryant Yee View Post
Thanks Steven. Just curious, what makes you think it's not tendinitis? I don't quite feel any tightness in the other leg muscles (or more tight than they already always are...). But there is an unexplainable weird feeling in my hurt knee's quad going on...

I'll keep it going with the icing, and try the tennis ball massage. Problem is, I don't have to go see an orthos...all my docs are booked up. Hopefully this just gets better...I doubt this is anything that serious requiring if i tore my meniscus or something.
In the quad, eh?

You didn't say that in your original post.... only thing you said was that there was pain under your patella which is not consistent with tendonitis.

Tendonitis is generally overuse anyway, and not acquired from one session acutely. If you had been working hard, it's possible that the Muay Thai aggravated it somewhat, but I still wouldn't think that is the case. Could just be the bruise though, eh.

Can you upload a picture of where it hurts? And describe if it's primarily bone/tendon/muscle/etc. + a more comprehensive explanation of what exercises hurt?
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