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Bryant Yee
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Hi all,

Just wanted to gather your opinion on my latest "injury."

Basically, about 2 weeks ago, I was training in a Muay Thai style martial arts. I used to train in this style for years, but I took a long hiatus. They were closing down the gym and asked me to come back for the last stand. Naturally, I was put in the ring over and over again. Aside from the usual whacking I took, I did fine. However, at the end of class, I was just standing there and I felt a huge sharp pain under my knee cap (anterior). So much so where I felt like I had to squat to relieve the pain.

I was 5 weeks out from going to military training, so that scared the sh*t out of me. I didn't run the whole week (ok so I did do some WODs b/c I could resist). I had to take a PFT last wknd, and I actually ran my best time ever (18:30, with a heavily taped home made tendinitis band). However, I STILL HAVE PAIN under my knee cap when i lock my joint out. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Mainly, it occurs sharpest when I'm sitting in a chair and basically doing a leg extension with the pain coming when my leg is locked out. I still think I have a slight limp, but maybe not. Explosive exercises hurt a little push presses etc...anything where I have to jump...

Honestly, I was thinking to go see my doc, but appointments are all booked up. I ship in 3 weeks for training. I plan to stop running altogether for the next 3 weeks and doing things like swimming/stationary bike for the cardio. From what I hear and read, it's knee tendonitis. A buddy's dad, who's a doc (albeit kidney doc but whatever), told me he thinks its just some bruising and slight tendonitis in the knee (apparently, I might have took a few glancing shots to the knee). My mom basically told me I'm being a puss and exaggerating the injury mentally, ha. I don't know, I don't think I'm imagining the symtoms, but I have definitely psyched myself into and out of injuries in the past...My worst fear is that its something like a cartiledge and meniscus tear...guess i really can't figure that out without an MRI...

What do you all think? Suck it up? Stretch, be careful, etc.? Go to ER immediately, ie it could be serious? Thanks for the help?
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