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Re: Sharknado

I wouldn't bother unless you are really bored. The truth is when I'm at home, I don't really bother to do much fitness oriented wise besides maybe some pullups and air squats and lunges and the occasional HS.

I get home, I don't condition typically. So either I gotta do it at the gym or just scrap it.

I'm just preparing to maybe go into a GPP phase because once I leave CO, I will either have to do drop ins at gyms, maybe a WL club (@$25/visit - ouch ) or just do whatever I can manage until I land back in Sacramento or wherever.

I did see some groupons for CF though I know most CF owners hate groupons and I'm not sure I want to be one of those people. To save some $$, I might just hold off on WL club drop-ins or CF drop-ins as I was initially planning to do.

If I have to choose whether to spend $$ on CF/WL drop-ins or surfing expenses, I'll spend the $$ on surfing instead to get some surfing in on a couple of days.