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Faux-Painstorm, in three acts

So I met up with Johan of the upcoming CrossFit Holland, and much like the original Painstorm genesis, we didn't want to get together and just bang out a quick WoD. So, out of our playful, but twisted minds came:

Act 1 (outdoors)

5 rounds for time:
Tractor tire pull, 50 meters
5 handstand pushups
Burpees until partner finishes tire pull

Rest, recuperate, set up equipment, and...

Act 2 (indoors)

Short Tabata (6 rounds each)
Back squats, 132 pounds
switch off, then
Weighted pullups, 22 pounds
switch off, then
Dumbbell thrusters, 33 pounds

Finally, for the aggression component,

Act 3 (go nuts and cool down)

50 sledgehammer swings on tractor tire, each side
30 each side
15 each side

Yeah, okay, we only got as far as the first set. Hey, we had places to be :-)

Anyway, lots of fun, a nice grab-bag of stuff; Tabata back squats are new to me, but a great way of doing the exercise. Tire pulls are one of the nastiest things I've encountered though...

Don't have our times/scores, I'll bug Johan...
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