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Re: Death by 10m - what's the world record?

Originally Posted by Pär Larsson View Post
One of my favourite workouts since it's self-modulating, mostly includes the warmup, doesn't take any equipment except a watch, and hits most CFers right where it hurts since they don't like to run.

But what's the world record? What's even a really good score? The best I've ever managed was 15 iirc, and the most I ever saw was a senior person at Invictus who I think did something outrageous like 20-22 rounds, but that was 9-10 years ago and probably poorly measured.

20 isn't that outrageous. i'm sure a pretty fit professional athlete like a basketball or soccer play could do 30, 40, or 50.

i've done 20 before and i'm just a mid 30's guy who plays soccer and weightlifts and doesn't crossfit.
the 'trick' is to just walk the first 6 or 7 rounds.
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