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Rob - Thanks for the input. I try to organise my workouts along those lines.

Frank - How did you arrange your workouts during that time ?

Brian - I usually pick a WOD.

Usually it is a general conditioning WOD. No 7x1 or other maximum strength work(although I did like olympic lifts sometimes on these days ...)
or ones that were more tiring on the muscles than on the cardiovascular system. So usually no Murph, although it could happen, if I felt crazy.
I didn't do these(a lot), because I did enough muscle-specific work during my non-WOD days.
Fight Gone Bad was a different animal, I like to do that one(using a 60's-type rower instead of the Concept II one)at least once a month.
Chins being the exception on that rule, and I would occasionally do them every day, in some part of my workout.

But in general, I picked one that :

a) targeted the whole body
b) was done within around 30 minutes
c) made me breathe heavily
d) was more or less skill-orientated. Again, this goes together with the "no-muscle-specific" rule like in Murph.

I like to do at least one running-type WOD a week, whether it be sprinting or longer distance.

I just did this unofficial WOD :

20 10lb dumbbell Burpees(with a pushup at the start and a press at the end)
Sprint 50 meters with the db's
20 DB Thrusts
Sprint 50 meters back to start

Four rounds, for time.

These don't require the greatest skill, but more than the typical dip, if you know what I mean.

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